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About Us

Aledak Metalworks, Inc.  was founded in 2015 and is located in Hurlock, Maryland. We provide structural steel, miscellaneous metal work, stairs, handrails, erection, and services to general contractors, owners and developers of commercial construction. 

Our company has experience in a wide range of commercial construction projects such as industrial, office buildings, educational facilities, hotels, pedestrian bridges, college campus buildings, sports arenas and more! 


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  • Handrails

  • Stairs 

  • Erection

  • Structural Steel

  • Miscellaneous Metals

Aledak Metalworks, Inc 

4809 Harrison Ferry  Road

Hurlock, Maryland 21643

Hours 7:00-3:30

Phone: 410-943-3795



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Aledak Metalworks, Inc. 

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