Aledak Metalworks, Inc. 


Specializing in the Fabrication and Installation of Structural Steel, Stairs and Handrails

Aledak Metalworks, Inc. is a full service structural steel and miscellaneous fabrication shop.  We take pride in producing quality work completed on time to meet todays demanding construction schedules.  Aledak Metalworks, Inc. specializes in the fabrication of structural steel, steel erection, and the fabrication of miscellaneous metals.


Owner and Operator Donald D. Robbins has 20 years of experience in the field of structural steel, fabrication, and welding.  Donald is a certified CIC crane operator and is certified in all types of structural welding.  He possesses a vast knowledge of stairs and handrail codes and regulations.  If quality product done on time is what you are looking for then give Aledak Metalworks, Inc. a call.